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Conditions of orders

Conditions of orders

1. Applicability
1.1 The below stated conditions of delivery and payment are applicable to all contractors. In case a separate written agreement is made with the contractor, then the OWU stipulations shall be applied in the scope not regulated by this agreement.
2. Acceptance of the order
2.1. The orders are accepted solely in writing and are valid after the written confirmation of the order acceptance by the Contractor. Oral agreements of our employees or collaborators always require a written confirmation.
2.2. The placed orders have to be signed by a person authorized to represent the Client.
2.3 In case, after the acceptance of the order, facts undermining the Contractor’s financial credibility occur, the Client is authorized to demand an advanced payment or an appropriate security – in case of refusal, the Client has a right to withdraw from the order realization.
2.4 Costs resulting from further amendments introduced to the accepted order by the Client, including the equipment shutdown, shall be charged to the Client. Sample print-outs shall be considered as further amendments.
3. Goods receipt or shipment date, failure / lack of possibility to deliver
3.1. Information concerning dates and other data related to the placed orders are given by the Customer Service Office (BOK).
3.2. The order goes to the production only after receiving by the Customers Care Office written acceptance of the order (confirmation of the production process) along with all other requested documents and properly prepared materials.
3.3. Goods receipt or shipment date is specified in the accepted order. Goods receipt or shipment date shall be prolonged for the time for which the Client delayed meeting their obligations or changed the scope of the order.
3.4. Goods receipt or shipment date may be delayed in case of the force majeure occurrence, which took place after the order acceptance and which was not caused by us, provided that these obstacles had a significant influence on the order realization, also in case these circumstances occur at our suppliers. We shall immediately notify the Client about such obstacle occurrence and about its elimination. The Client may request from us a declaration if we would like to withdraw from the order or realize it within a specified period of time. The Client may withdraw from the agreement in case of our delay in giving this declaration. In such cases claims against the resulting damages shall be deemed null and void.
3.5. Compensation for the delay caused by our company may not exceed 10% of the value of the
order which was not realized on time.
4. Packaging, shipment and risk transfer
4.1. As a standard, the print-outs are packed in cubes or in rolls (depending on the base). A non standard way of packing requires the delivery of a detailed description of folding and packing.
4.2. We realize the shipment of the goods and their insurance solely upon a clear written order of the Client and on their expense.
4.3. Shall the shipment of the goods be delayed upon Client’s request or on Client’s responsibility, the costs of the goods storage and risk thereof shall also be covered by the Client. In such a case the notice about readiness corresponds to the shipment.
4.4. The risk of accidental loss of the goods is transferred to the Client in the moment of the goods hand-over to a forwarder or carrier.
4.5. The Contractor shall not be held responsible for the failure to meet the shipment delivery date if this failure is a result of circumstances on the carrier side.
5. Prices – payment
5.1. Prices given in the price list do not include the cost of shipment, non-standard parking, cutting to fit the size and VAT tax.
5.2. In case of the delay in payment we charge the interests currently in force.
5.3. Shall the Client be delayed with the payment against the previous order or with the realization of the agreed pre-payment – we have the right to withhold or stop the realization of the order or refuse to handover the goods.
5.4. As a rule, at the beginning of the cooperation a prepayment for the order is required. The details of the payment the principal talks over with the sales person.
6. Claims resulting from defects and warranty
6.1. The Client shall check the goods immediately upon receipt in relation to defects / shortages, features / quality and guaranteed properties. Evident defects shall be claimed on the following working day by sending a written notice (by email). The claims are taken into consideration only when issued within 14 days counted from the delivery of the goods.
6.2. The Client is obliged to make the claimed goods available to our representative in order to confirm the defect.
6.3. In case of the accepted claims we may reduce the price or deliver goods free of defects.
6.4. In case of receiving a damaged shipment, the Client is obliged to prepare a protocol of damage – signed by the courier. Lack of the protocol deprives the Client of effective claim making.
6.5. Lack of any part of the delivered goods does not give the Client a right to make claim on the whole delivery.
6.6. In all printing methods – the slight deviations from the colour pattern approved by the Client shall not be subject to claims. The same is applicable to comparison of sample print-outs with the impression print-out.
7. Limitations of civil liability
7.1. The Client shall be responsible if as a result of the order realization the rights of the third parties have been violated. The Client released the Contractor from all claims made by the third parties as a result of such rights violation.
7.2. We do not take responsibility for damaged products produced or processed by other companies unless gross negligence in choosing the particular supplier is proved.